To be empowered is to be connected to the Guru Within. Here, we discover that our dynamic purpose is to share, collaborate and express pure love in free co-creative expansion. May beings everywhere become intimately familiar with the truth of their Divine essence within.


Hey There, :D

Hopefully by now you know me as Carina Cariñosa. Carina from the Italian word meaning ´cute´ and Cariñosa from the Spanish word meaning ´loving´. Seemed pretty perfect for a mystic teacher and hot Shaman, eh?  Allow me to share with you some intimate secrets. Let's get real and dive into some real healing. I'll go first, you are welcome and encouraged to watch, and whenever you are ready to ask for some help to get further up this path to enlightenment, I am totally hear to help every step of the way.  I am a Libra Goddess, originally from Austin Texas, inhabiting the pretty body of a vibrant young woman now living the dream in Panama. To simply put it, I've got moxy. Having achieved enlightenment, not easy, I can speak from experience about the heaven and hell of being an empowered individual in modern society. Trust me, it's more rewarding than sedating and suppressing life, which causes death. Because life is tough but doable, my purpose is to offer you contextual support and healing through experience, study, and Divine action planning, all the while 'keeping it real, very real' and always willing to accept your constructive criticism and observations. That's simply how expansion works: take responsibility, surrender in a commit to your authenticity, forgive the past, do your best right now.

As you know, we come to this earth as rough diamonds. Life’s purpose is to polish and reveal the multiple facets of our True Divinity, our Highest Ascended Selves through the use of contrasting experiences. This University of Life buffs us so that we learn how to live in harmony. The ultimate goal is to bloom where we are planted and harvest the ability to remember our unity every moment able to remember love and gratitude. If you're really far from there, no worries, I still can't do it all the time either. 

This stuff takes time. Give it some. Just have faith that you can. My grandpa's greatest gift to my mother was, 'If you want to be better, BE BETTER, because YOU can.' Of course you can.  You are a little star descendent from the big stars. The seed of your Divinity is within you. That's what I call the Guru Within, and that's who I am going to help you cultivate a relationship with. It's the most important relationship, and please notice, it is not outside of you. It is within.  The biggest challenge we face is learning to stop running from ourselves, stop distracting from the fuzzy noise inside the mind, stop consuming in order to try and fill the hole within.  To fill the whole, you must go within, reflect, contemplate, make some decisions, and let go.  That's usually what people think of when we refer to meditation. Actually, this is contemplation and prayer which is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God, aka your Guru Within.  The secret is to pay attention to the false programing, old beliefs that no longer serve, and regrets etc instead of trying to consume or run. The key is to make a conscious decision, thanks to some training, and to let that shit go. Yes, I said it. Let that shit go. I'll show you later how to give your shit away to the Mother Earth, like fertilizer, so that she can help your abundance bloom. You can always receive abundance as long as you keep flowing in this symbiotic relationship of surrendering to and cultivating wisdom thanks to your Guru Within.  

To get there, we journey through Hell to achieve Heaven on earth. Boy have I been there! From being a 20-something concert promoter in Texas to finding codependent love in a drug addict husband later evolving into a 315 pound abused immigrant house-wife/entrepreneur and international asset protection consultant. Yeah, that's heavy, literally! :D Decided not to surrender to diabetes medication or anti-depressants, I set off to discover Panama´s natural beauty in a quest to escape abuse and lots of habits that no longer served me. I couldn't find a teacher nearby, but Lord how I wanted one. You can probably guess that I discovered..... the Guru is within.  So basically, I just learned how to think/train/discipline the mind- that's sort of been a hallmark difference in my personality since little bitty. Separated, I traveled to the lush flower-covered mountains of Panama, after breaking my knee twice, to heal and subsequently lose 140 pounds. As if that wasn´t enough, just two weeks after launching my Panama relocation business, I was widowed at age 29.  It was truly a series of consistent miracles and a commitment to be my best that I have lived to smile about it all. If you are determined not to throw in the towel, then it is my pledge to show you how to smile in the face of all life´s opportunities which are perfectly designed for us to grow in awareness and capability. You just have to ask. 

As an untrained empath, intellectually it was a rubix cube trying to undo past lifes´ karma, break the invasive imprints from an abusive childhood, and muster the discipline to create consistent positive thought patterns. Being telepathic and empathic, I sometimes had a dismal time separating what thoughts and feelings were mine vs what was imposed upon me. This is common though, what with everybody watching TV and conforming to social norms.  Needless to say, there was a lot of mental housecleaning going on as I escaped the world of political problems and upset citizens atop my mountain retreat for 4 years. I did, however, understand that I was responsible for attracting this all into my experience. Sometimes I wonder if I'm masochistic, if this is karma, or if this was the promise my soul made- to experience, understand, share, and offer comfort and healing thanks to the power that my Guru Within can now radiate for the benefit of all beings, starting with myself.  

They say our purpose is to learn how to love ourselves completely. I can promise you there is nothing better than being in love with yourself and life all the time- it's even better than sex! Seriously. Yeah, I know, that's a big statement. So if you love sex, you're gunna love it when I show you how to find your 'G Spot'.  That means cultivating your relationship with God. Don't worry I got plenty of science to back this stuff up. We all have a different G Spot. I'm just saying, the Big G is you. Your true Divine Essenes. You DO think you're pretty darn special, right? Well of course you are. So now we get to learn how to recognize that wonderful Big G essence inside of ourselves, in every other being, and in all things.  It's really an orgasmic trip. Won't you join me? :D

Since we now know that energy doesn’t die, that it must be transformed, I took the vow to 'save the ones smart enough to save themselves' by saving myself first. I had to find my Guru within in order to understand how I could stop feeling so attacked by all the heavy issues facing the world today. So, I learned how to hold up all the mental stains to the violet flame, to observe and examine the ego´s illusions, and let my Higher Powers do what is only in their job description to achieve. I´ve dedicated the last 14 years to constant study. Migrating from the Disciples of Christ (Christianity), to Buddhism, the I-Ching, metaphysics and quantum physics. You name it and I´ve found that the seed of Truth in spirituality exists everywhere we are willing to look.  That's why there are so many versions/understandings of God. We are all having a personally contextual experience with the Guru within.  Since it is virtually impossible to be objective, I'm not even trying to tell you that my understanding or relationship with God is right, because frankly, it constantly changes depending on my mood. It is scientifically calculated what our perceptions about God are depending on our level of consciousness, so that's really more of where I will focus with you. What's your level of consciousness right now, how can I talk to you in a way that will help you go up the scale logically, and then, thanks to some super-powers from the Big G, we can speed up the time it takes for your consciousness to heal. Cool stuff. Liberating stuff, not as hard as your ego says it is, I promise.

Seeing the inspiration that my ability to overcome powerful life experiences has had on people, I was lead to a firm dedication to service which has delivered me to  the ultimate bliss and compassion that avatars are known for. Since I´m young, I´m still really human, and my mission is to pay close attention to the process of overcoming obstacles so that you can learn how to tackle your demons too without fear.  If I can impart only one message of encouragement to you, let it be that we are all unconditionally infinitely loved. Or job is just to remember and let love create the magical world you wish to live in.  Even if you temporarily forget, it is always safe. There IS a safety net. It IS safe to fall. There WILL be an angel there to catch you. You can be vulnerable. In fact, that's when we are the strongest, because we've given control back to the Big G.

This sounds like a lot of work. 

Obviously, but life is hard anyway, so to quote Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption, ´Get busy living? or get busy dying?’  Through the help of multiple guides we will show you how to use your Higher Power instead of force, and we´ll delve deep into subjects like ego, pride, love, and show you how to process through the unwanted thoughts so that you can let go of belief systems that no longer serve.  With me, you´ll practice visualizing and connecting with your Highest Ascended Self.  Humbly, I offer you guided meditations, techniques, and strategies to help you move up the Scale of Consciousness with ease and grace at an accelerated pace. 


Through support, I´ll help you develop the courage to achieve self-awareness and acceptance. In a weekly enlightenment newsletter highlighting many videos from masters all over the world,  we will pass our life exams and attain the next level of sustained happiness. Enlightenment is the tool kit necessary to return to happiness quickly, and that is a really good way to prevent physical disease. Think about all the money you spend on treating dis-ease symptoms and all the discomfort that continues to linger. Remember, energy does not die; it must be transformed. Pills, sweets, and drinks are artificial sedatives that are never as good as the real thing because the real thing is devoid of all your mental shit! And that's what causes dis-ease. Now think about all the money you are going save by cultivating the Guru Within. What's even more illuminating is that sometimes the information is time sensitive because the planets DO affect us all. I've found that most of us are going through the same shit at the same time. So if you reach out and ask, there's likely to be an empathetic listener on the other side. It surprises me how many of us are all going through these things at the same time. Being aware, and knowing you are part of a human society that IS evolving feels a whole lot better than ego-dominated isolation and fear. Did you know that the first rule of war is isolation and that the first solution is asking your neighbor for help? If you get stuck, reach out. When the time comes that I need to ask for your help, I will. How much? Whatever is in your heart to give. That's fair right?

Enlightenment is like a lamp in a dark forest that helps us keep going until we reach the clearing. You can still have plenty of problems having reach enlightenment because you will have taken responsibility to resolve the toughest of mental stains for the taste of that blissed-out orgasmic G-Spot relationship that feels so good to cultivate. Using the illumination offered by clarity of mind, we may not be able to see the entire forest from the trees, but we can see just far enough to find faith-based evidence that it is always safe to pursue our wildest dreams. It is safe not to know. It is safe to trust the omniscient and unrelenting love of your Guru Within.  Your Big G holds the key to unlocking all the mysteries of life. Knowing this unconditional safety, as Divine children, helps us accept and surrender ego’s fears in favor of our birthright of well-being which is True Divine Love Essence. Having cultivated our intuition, we´ll always be able to find the right key at the right time because your Big G has the master key.

One of my master keys, and favorite teachers is renowned psychologist Dr. David Hawkins who has mapped out 
the Scale of Human Consciousness to  help us understand the pathology of egoic illusions . The Scale shows us how to calibrate where we are in terms of consciousness  at any given moment concerning any given situation, past or present.  Because I have learned to 1) trust in the Divine, 2) continuously connect to my Guru Within and 3) have cleared out most mental stains, I can use Hawkins’s kinesiology technique to see where anyone is on The Scale, past or present. In a minute I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse, and then I want you to come back to these little hyperlinks and do your homework to understand exactly why only a seriously delusional individual wouldn't take me up on this offer.

This Scale of Consciousness helps us to know truth from falsehood. So just imagine if you could walk into a board meeting and know whether someone was telling you the truth or not. Imagine that you could just tap on your arm to ask any question from the past or present to know the truth or non-truth of a given situation. You can use it to gauge whether a new roommate situation would work, a partnership, to know if a particular food is life-giving or life-taking. You can use it to explore your conscious, subconscious, and even the consciousness of people you know, don't know, or dead folks too. Is this crazy talk or leading edge metaphysical science? Thanks to YouTube, Kinesiology, and Dr. Hawkins (along with multiple masters from all walks) we have been given the tools to understand our subconscious feelings toward a given person or situation. For the skeptics and Newtonian scientists who insist on replication to prove anything, we just need one other person who is above the critical level of courage and integrity, as demonstrated in the hyperlinks above. I then often consult one of Dr. Hawkins' books for reference. (Remember, if you are skeptical, as that is a great survival mechanism, then watch the links.)  As a healer, I will usually ask for a hug in order to read what the frequency is that your conscious and subconscious are emitting. This is how we  begin every massage or healing session. This is a un 'parlor trick' in public that really freaks and excites people. Whether subjective placebo or pure science (it’s a combination of both actually) you are guaranteed to go higher in your Self-Mastery. My ultimate goal is to empower you with the knowledge, understanding, and experience to continue healing yourself and therefor, the world around us.

Dr.Hawkins is just one example. I also currently love Abraham-Hicks, Ekhart Tolle, the young Indian Guru Nithyananda, and Isha Judd, to name just a few. Each week in the newsletter, we’ll pick a topic, such as releasing anger, show an excerpt from a YouTube video or from their books, and help further put it into context for your specific questions. I really prefer for the newsletter to be used as a continuing education course for my massage and healing clients who have received deep-tissue and lymphatic drainage treatments, bio-energetic reprogramming through touch reike, crystals, chakra balancing, love touch and guided meditation, as well as the fastest most comfortable way to detox using an ionic detox machine. Please understand, that seeing is believing. So when you feel with your own heart and see the results of your own empowerment thanks to one of our personal sessions, you will become a believer, and this will give you the seed of inspiration that fuels your desire to continue cultivating your relationship to your Super G. Other integral topics include homeopathic science, nutrition, recipes and 100% organic natural remedies from Panama’s native plants and medicine men.  Your donations help fuel that project which will include the worlds most potent 100% natural organic cancer cure. (More on that later) In this way, you can think of Carina Cariñosa as your 21st Century bi-lingual Dear Abby. Take the challenge, and let yourself be re-minded as together we locate your G Spot! ;D

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Discover where you are on The Scale of Consciousness right now.  Find out what has been your highest level of consciousness achieved so far, and what is your current subconscious level. It is best if you ask me to calibrate regarding a specific issue or relationship. Just reply, and I promise to fill you in. If you're not sure, or don't have time now, just save the attached chart somewhere easily visible for future reference. I'm not requiring anything in return, so it is free for you to learn, but if you feel stoked about what you learn, in that moment while you are feeling high, would you kindly write me a testimonial at ? 

Regardless of your decision to pursue this path, above all, may you grow, love, and express kindness in every frequent smile.

p.s. don't worry, not all the emails are this long! but some of them! Most have videos. If you can't watch it right now, just discipline your mind to come back to it whenever you get bored or need a pick-me-up. 

Love & Light,

Carina Cariñosa

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(The above rates at 954 on The Scale. Mind blown! Even though right now I'm rating at 845.)


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