Foundation for Love & Sustainable Development


The primary mission of this foundation is to increase consciousness without language boarders.


Our vision is to aggregate resources and empower groups and individuals to create a bridge of understanding between the etheric mystical sciences with modern life applications through logistical, technical, and spiritual support.


Our primary goal for 2013 is to build the Digital Communications Systems Network for the Comite Municipal para la Prevencion de Violencia (Municipal committee for violence prevention) en Panama. This is a group of 26 NGOs in Panama City who desire help accessing global funding in an effort to conserve efforts and get down to the real business of healing and service within their communities.


Once the network is properly established, it will be picked up by the Mayor’s administration, as this is a fully integrated technology system that combines the power of Google Apps with a custom forum, newsletter, digital mobile surveys and certification tools, as well as an information and resource dispatch for non-emergencies.   Once everyone is onboard and the waves have settled, we we launch a Telethon for Everyone, aka El Teleton Para Todos. By then, there will be instant methods of receiving payments from using the available balances on your cell phones, the digital-mobile-money solutions now becoming available, and essentially any other remote payment methods.  Once the foundations are properly funded, the surplus of funds will go to the development of certifications and education programs.  We start with Panama City, but with proper funding, this system can be implemented in every community across the globe.


If you’d like to contribute to help KickStart this program, please inbox me and show your support in the comments mate!

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