Organic Products of Panama

Because you are here, I assume you already know plenty of the downside to modern medicine. We may not understand all the miracle magical benefits that plants can provide. I certainly don’t, but like anything, if we offer a faith in their healing abilities and allow their properties to work on us to the deepest level, they will :D  Nature loves us. As you cultivate a greater love and appreciation for nature, the benefits heal your psychology which is the root of all physical ailments anyway. This is purely vibrational science and I invite teams of students and researchers to visit and tour the exciting biodiversity that Panama abundantly offers you.

5 Negritos- Pain Reliver


The Organic Products of Panama offered by Carina Cariñosa is, for now, mostly a White-label service for the curunderos (medicine men) of the country. She is also developing a couple of her own products like the toothpaste and cavity supplement. When you buy these products on-line, in the health stores of Panama, or at a touristic center, you are directly supporting the preservation of these amazing medicinal plants. This is a passionate hobby for Carina. There is no real profit because all profits go back into buying more medicine from the indegenous or purchasing equipment for ways to process the medicine. For example, cáncer is cured by soursop aka graviola, or guanábana. But unless you come to Panama for a healing retreat, which she totally invites you to do, you cannot get this soursop, graviola, or guanábana where you live.  At the time of writing, Carina is working to buy a dehydrator, vitamixer and employ and house a comitted local Indegenous person to empower them on ways to package the fruit so that we can ship it without refridgeration. This will most likely be a student of one of the medicine men from the Embera Tribe in the Chagras National Forrest.


Thanks to her background as an international legal liaison, Carina Carinosa is helping to register the products to make it fully legal to sell the Organic Products of Panama in all stores and global shopping malls. Your love toward the Foundation for Love and Sustainable Abundance fuels this Project and the intercultural Exchange of the Healing Arts. For example, there is a Geo Paradise festival and symposium scheduled for 2014 in which Carina will be hosting the shamanic healing program. This will include workshops with local medicine men to showcase the amazing healing properties of the various plants used in their products and now made available on a sustainable scale thanks to the foundation. Please note, they are in control, Carina is simply the western facilitator- like Peace Corp only independent.


Below is a list of products scheduled for release and development as well as connections to other organic products of Panama already registered and available. Again, you are encouraged to consider making a personal visit if in need of services for healing cancer, weight loss, greiving, trauma or any energetic healing. You can check out the events section to be notified of group retreats, or read about personal visit packages. We’ll likely Schedule a healing retreat around the time of the Geo Paradise festival for those who can stand to wait that long and need to plan a budget.


These 100% organic products are being prepared to sell-distribute for a global market:


Gruber´s Miracle Insect Oil

Miracle Sun Block and Sun Burn Oil

Miracle Wrinkle Cream

Miracle Tattoo Vanisher


Powerful Anesthetic Pain Reliever

Cancer Tonic

Dehydrated Guanabana & Noni Powder

Ancient Cold & Lung Cleanse Syrup

Birth Control


Organic Tooth Paste, Cavity Vanisher & Dietary suppliment

Tooth Whitening


Alchemy Soaps

Mood Sprays

Body Scrubs

Chakra Balancing Crystal & Reike Infuzed Colored Essential Oils



Organic Wines of Potrerillos

Raw Local Honey

Raw Vegan Chocolate



Click here to find out more about cancer cures thanks to the dehydrated guanábana & noni powder.


If you, or someone you know, can help us do a KickStarter, we’ll love you forever and ever!  Ha, well I’ll love you forever anyway regardless :D  Peace and please post!

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