To whom it may concern and Evolving Wisdom:


I would like to recommend Carina Carinosa for employment with your company.

Carina has been studying and working in the company of healers, shamans and transformational leaders to grow and expand her self first then using her own experiences and knowledge to guide and counsel many seekers on the path towards wholeness, wellness and inner resolution.


She is accessible, outgoing, aware, has integrity and a good listener. My experience with Carina has been one of mutual interest in the feminine power awakening-  movement and metaphysics. She is on the path very determined to serve and share with others all she has learned and imbibed and yet with a willingness to her own growth and expansion. I have been on her mailing list to receive her weekly course material and have found it very helpful, detailed and unique.  She is highly intuitive, receptive and just downright friendly. She would be a great asset to any company whose mission is to be cause in the awakening; the shift towards enlightenment.

Nancy OCarroll- Graduate "Co-creating Feminine Power Course Mastery



Carina is a star. She has been such a guiding light for me during my path towards enlightenment. Her words of wisdom, her simplistic approach and sincere care for the betterment of people can be felt for miles. She has facilitated my growth through one-on-one Skype conversation and text chatting. It is instant rapport and connection every time regardless of how long it has been since our last encounter (or the thousands of milses that seperate us). My favorite characteristic of hers is that she is raw. She goes through obstacles, temptations and trials and voices them, acknowledges the issue, tracks her progress and puts herself in a vulnerable state where others can see and hopefully learn from it and/or contribute to the solution. She is an inspiration to me and a pillar in my growth and success.

Vonia Lopez


Hello pretty! 


Of course you are ready for that audience and much more. 


I have had a wonderful experience. Had a wonderful guided meditation balancing my energy and grounding me. We worked on the opening and cleansing of my energy in a wonderful beach with the sounds of the waves. Then received a relaxing massage which relaxed me even more. And then a detox procedure. Through this whole process Carina was very comprehensive. She explained all the steps I was going through. How to focus on the right energy. What I was doing wrong. How to correct it. And advise me on better habits. If anybody did not try any of the many services she provides, i strongly suggest to try it. You'll feel a whole new person after meeting her. 


Hope it works for your column. If you need anything else just let me know. 


Love and light,

Julio Gaston Caram
Fort Davis - Colon - Panama.



Hola Carina,


Thank you for the email.  Its great,  I just recently listened to this youtube but there was not any image just a blank screen so I appreciated this one alot with the video.

I have been reading the Vortex and watching some videos lately of Esther, really great stuff to help shift the dimension of thinking or that old way of being.

Sound like you are in a great place and I appreciate and honor your expression and support for others.  Very beautiful, continue to be the light and shine upon others :)  Namaste


Look forward to seeing you sis-star!!

love and light

blessings- Beloved I AM that I AM



Muy Buenos dias...Carina...Good Morning....

I do enjoy your mails,sometimes I read them right away, sometimes I read them all thru the week.
But the most important thing is that you are giving me tools to cope with people at work, at the street and tools to cope with myself, wich is most important to me.

In order for me to understand the Gift of Life.

I am getting to know myself in a better way, I do respect your time and effort for sending very good material.

In fact , I am working a lot with this site that you gracefully show me: guidespeak.com  
Thanks for all your honest and sincere advices...
God Bless you...

Carlos E. D'Anello Saénz.

© Carina Carinosa 2013