Guided Meditation

Meditation is listening to God, your Higher Ascended Super-Powerful Self, and your Spirit Guides. 


Meditation is often confused for contemplation. Mostly we tend to contemplate, but how productive are your musings? If you tend to get stuck beating the same drum over and over again, then we invite you to consider signing up for a Recontextualizing Our Thoughts course. We can also do psychotherapy and energetic healing sessions in which you will be given a personalized workbook and homework to help you work out on those tough mind-changing lessons that you’ve been frantically resisting to no avail.


The only way out, is within.


A personal guided meditation session enables Carina to connect psychically and telepathically with your mind and energy body to pull the root of mental and karmic blockages.


Check out the testimonies and free prayer audios before booking a session to see for yourself if this resonates.


Above all, may you always allow your divine pure radiance to shine!

Namaste :D

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