Surrender Ceremonies

We have to learn how to let go of the crap and heaviness weighing us down. It doesn’t matter how enlightened we are, this still happens, and it is a CONSTANT process to remain in the flow. The way in, is through release aka surrender, letting go and letting God.



The ceremony helps us experience step-by-step how to process heavy emotions rapidly while Carina Cariñosa´s presense as shaman protects the space for you to let go of your deepest fears and biggest demons.  She recognizes telepathically when you get stuck and uses all the energetic medicine available through The Masters to lift it out of your energy body holding it up to the Violet Flame for healing and permanent transmutation through loving acceptance, forgiveness, and surrender.


The ceremonies use symbolic candles, bells, rattles, drumming, singing, crystals, incense, flowers, and whatever sacred objects you may bring to create the ambience of a safe sacred space.


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Personal testimonies:

Carina was broke, I mean BROKE, living in a friend’s apartment with no electricity, no computer, and the computer place that was letter her run a tab had just burned down. Carina had just gotten some crystals, went to the beach to get some salt water, and did a full moon surrender ceremony on the balcony at about 11pm. Her first ever.

The next day at 9:30am, a miracle client called. It was a $12,000 sale. When they tried to retrace how he found her online, they never quite got back to tracing it exactly.


A month later, still homeless, now in a room in the ghetto, Carina did another surrender ceremony to help relieve the chaotic stress and to stop smoking. This time she used incense, candles, and other objects to clean the resistant or conflicting energies in all sectors of her life. Within the next week, she’d stopped smoking with no anxiety for it again, had her first waking visions, met ‘the guy’ who seems to fit her very specific list of ‘what I want in a relationship’, was making good money, and though she had to move on to a different spot, as she was leaving the complex cops were literally rushing into the building with news cameramen in tow.

© Carina Carinosa 2013